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Chuck Norris: Gun owners need to vote


It’s been joked that martial-arts champion, actor, author and commentator Chuck Norris doesn’t endorse candidates for president – he decides who will win.

It’s all part of the “Chuck Norris facts” phenomenon in which it’s said he doesn’t do “pushups,” he pushes the earth down, and the bogeyman checks his closet and under his bed for Chuck Norris before he sleeps.

But there’s sobriety in the newest public service announcement he recorded for the 2016 election along with Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

It’s because it’s about the Second Amendment, which despite all the politically charged commentary portraying it as a protection for hunters, it actually was adopted to guard against government tyranny.

Norris is urging citizens to vote because of a political agenda that threatens to strip Americans of their right to bear arms. – READ MORE

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