CHOP activist shot after volunteer ‘security shift’ wants to sue Seattle police for not responding


A man who was shot in Seattle over the weekend says he was attacked as he was leaving his volunteer security shift at the city’s cop-free Capitol Hill Organized Protest formerly known as CHAZ — the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

Despite his support for the anarchist occupation, DeJuan Young wants to sue the Seattle Police Department because he says he was “technically” shot outside the zone and officers never responded. He also says the attack on him was racially motivated.

The Seattle Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment on this story.

Young, 33, has released a series of videos on social media from his hospital bed where he is recovering after being shot five times. The activist says he wants to get his story out in the media and is seeking legal counsel to take up his case, arguing there is no excuse for the SPD not responding to the scene to provide an escort for the paramedics that treated him. – READ MORE

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