Chinese spying microchips found in Apple, Amazon computers: report


Apple and Amazon on Thursday strongly denied an explosive report that Chinese hackers implanted spying microchips in the companies’ servers, compromising the security of sensitive technology.

Bloomberg Businessweek said early Thursday an extensive investigation had disclosed that agents of the People’s Liberation Army managed to insert the chips in servers used by numerous data centers of nearly 30 U.S. companies – including Apple and Amazon — as well as U.S. government contractors.

Citing 17 unnamed intelligence and corporate sources, the outlet said the hacking is “the most significant known supply chain attack ever against U.S. companies,” but that no consumer data was compromised.

The malicious microchips were traced to subcontracting factories that manufactured motherboards for Super Micro, based in San Jose, California. Chinese operatives bribed or bluffed officials in those subcontracting factories to change motherboard designs so the Chinese chips could be implanted in the motherboards.

Apple and Amazon found surveillance chips from China in their server hardware, which was provided by Super Micro, the news outlet said. Upon the discovery, Amazon reportedly alerted U.S. authorities, which sent “a shudder through the intelligence community,” Bloomberg wrote. – READ MORE


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