China: U.S. ‘Freedom of Speech Is Fake’ Because People Criticized LeBron James


The Chinese state propaganda outlet Global Times declared free speech does not exist in the United States in a column on Wednesday. It cited as evidence the fact basketball player LeBron James has faced criticism for defending his business interests with the communist regime in Beijing.

International observers, basketball fans, and lawmakers alike panned James’ statements this week that Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey should have “waited a week” to defend the peaceful pro-democracy protesters of Hong Kong because James was in China at the time and Morey’s comments personally inconvenienced him. James contended that freedom of speech had “negative” consequences, echoing the pages of the Global Times.


James has faced no professional repercussions for defending communist China and has lost no endorsement deals. He has also faced no legal consequences for his remarks, as the United States fully protects its citizens’ rights to express themselves politically.

Despite this, the Global Times declared American freedom of speech “fake” because other Americans objected to James’ remarks. Americans “humiliated” James, the newspaper claimed, a response that “impressed Chinese society deeply.”

“‘Freedom of speech’ in the U.S. is indeed fake,” the propaganda outlet declared. “It must be based on political correctness. In other words, as Morey’s support for Hong Kong protests is in line with US political correctness, it should be categorized as ‘freedom of speech’ which must be strongly defended. But James’ criticism of Morey, which is not politically correct enough, has nothing to do with freedom of speech.”

The Global Times provided no evidence of any individual in America declaring that James did not have the right to state his opinion. – READ MORE

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