China To “Seriously Sanction” Any Boycotters Of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics


Chinese state media is threatening Western officials and nations with “serious sanctions” should there be any largescale attempt to boycott the China-hosted Winter Olympic games scheduled for 2022.

It comes amid a growing and increasingly growing movement, centered especially out of Canada, which is seeking to do just that. A number of Canadian MPs are currently calling for a boycott based on widespread and persistent reports that Communist authorities in China are carrying out systematic persecution of ethnic Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang region.

The movement to hold China to account was picked up in The Guardian late last week, which highlighted the well-organized efforts of over 180 human rights groups that have called for the boycott.

“The coalition of groups – primarily regional associations in support of Tibet, Taiwan, the Uighur community and Hong Kong – said the hopes in 2015 that awarding Beijing the Games would be a catalyst for progress, had faded,” The Guardian wrote while citing an ‘open letter’. – READ MORE

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