China Says US Withdrawal From WHO Will ‘Undercut’ the Fight Against COVID-19


The United States is set to withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO), and Chinese officials are saying the move will only hurt the international fight against COVID-19.

During a press conference on Wednesday, China’s Foreign Ministry’s Zhao Lijian was asked about the move.

“This is another example of the U.S. being a pursuer of unilateralism and a quitter from treaties and organizations,” he said.

Zhao continued: “As the most authoritative and professional international organization for global public health security, the World Health Organization plays a central and irreplaceable role in coordinating global efforts against COVID-19. As the international fight against COVID-19 is now at a crucial stage, it is an international consensus that to support WHO is to support international cooperation and to support saving lives.”

“The US withdrawal will undercut international combat against the virus, which will have particularly severe impact on developing countries that are in urgent need of international support,” he added. – READ MORE

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