China Blames Europe for Beijing Coronavirus Outbreak


Chinese officials are stepping up their efforts to blame the coronavirus outbreak in Beijing on a new mutant strain of the disease imported from Europe.

According to the Chinese, this new version of the Chinese coronavirus is so potent that it can infect people who already had the original strain and developed antibodies against it.

China’s state-run Global Times quoted health officials who claimed the coronavirus spreading from Beijing’s enormous Xinfadi food market came from Europe and is “older than the current European coronavirus.”

These Chinese officials claimed the virus mutated in “dark, humid environments” in Europe and was then shipped to the Xinfadi market in frozen foods. The Europeans were blamed for not properly sterilizing their food preparation equipment or disinfecting their kitchens.

After lobbing these allegations around, the Chinese officials admitted they may never be able to determine who the original Xinfadi patients were, and would “need more data before making an informed decision” about the origins of the outbreak. – READ MORE

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