China Bans Everyone On Earth From Promoting Hong Kong Democracy, Expert Says. China Has Extradition Pacts With Dozens Of Nations.


China’s new draconian national security law for Hong Kong reportedly contains a section that bans every person on earth from advocating for Hong Kong’s democracy, which some have suggested raises concerns about extradition pacts China and Hong Kong have with other nations.

“China has long sought to crush organized dissent abroad through quiet threats and coercion,” Axios reported. “Now it has codified that practice into law — potentially forcing people and companies around the world to choose between speaking freely and ever stepping foot in Hong Kong again.”

Axios noted that Article 38 of the national security law states that it applies to those who commit the offenses against the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region “from outside the Region by a person who is not a permanent resident of the Region.”

Wang Minyao, a Chinese-American lawyer based in New York, told Axios, “It literally applies to every single person on the planet. This is how it reads. If I appear at a congressional committee in D.C. and say something critical, that literally would be a violation of this law.”

Reporter Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, who is an expert on China and the author of Axios’ report, noted, “This means that anyone advocating democracy in Hong Kong, or criticizing the governments in Hong Kong or Beijing, could potentially face consequences if they step foot in Hong Kong, or have assets or family members in Hong Kong.” – READ MORE

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