Cher Conspiracy: Trump ‘Wants Post Office to Go Bankrupt So We Can’t Vote by Mail’


Left-wing pop icon Cher pushed the conspiracy that President Donald Trump wants the U.S. Post Office to go bankrupt to stop Americans from voting by mail in November’s presidential election.

Writing in her typically bizarre and incoherent manner, the 72-year-old signer argued that Trump, who long prided himself on the country’s economic successes before the impact of the coronavirus, wants to see businesses and states to declare bankruptcy to gain his own electoral advantage.

A version of her tweet has been translated into legible English: Doesn’t anyone care that people who have small businesses are going under because of him? They’re losing everything! Small business is the lifeblood of America, as they go under we go under. P.S. Trump wants blue states to declare bankruptcy. P.S.S He wants the Post Office to go bankrupt so we can’t vote by mail. – READ MORE

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