Chaffetz Slams Obama for ‘Offensive’ Remark About Benghazi ‘Conspiracy Theories’


Chaffetz, a Fox News contributor and former Utah congressman, pointed out that it was Obama who decided on U.S. intervention in Libya, and Obama eventually acknowledged the “worst mistake” of his presidency was failing to properly plan for that intervention.

He said Obama failed to protect the Americans stationed at the Benghazi compound and he failed to act in the aftermath of the deadly attack, and now he cannot “rewrite history.”

“It is offensive to the men and women who served in Libya, who served this country and who serve in the United States military, because that president — President Obama — failed to act,” said Chaffetz, who chaired the House Oversight Committee from 2015 to 2017 and led investigations into the attack.

“He is fundamentally and totally and fully wrong. … Shame on the president for saying that.” – READ MORE

Former President Barack Obama laid into President Donald Trump, breaking the longstanding tradition of presidents abstaining from political discourse about the current president, and former Rep. Jason Chaffetz thinks he knows why.

Chaffetz said he believes that Obama unleashed his frustration on Trump because the current administration has picked apart the former president’s legacy piece by piece.

“Obama built a legacy built on sand, and President Trump has come in and fixed that,” Chaffetz said.

Chaffetz added that Trump has “moved this country on the right trajectory” and that he believes it was “upsetting” for Obama. – READ MORE

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