Central Florida Doctors on Coronavirus Cases: ‘We’ve Seen a Plateau’


Central Florida doctors offered a glimmer of positivity during a Tuesday briefing alongside Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), stating that they have “seen a plateau” of the Chinese coronavirus.

All eyes have been on Florida, which has added thousands of new cases of the virus daily over the last month. However, doctors believe it may have hit its peak.

“What we’re seeing across all Florida — and I look at the data for AdventHealth across Florida — is that we’ve reached a plateau now,” Dr. David Moorhead, executive vice president of AdventHealth, said

“Obviously no one can predict the future, but for over the last week we’ve had a very significant plateau which has been incredibly welcomed,” he continued, noting a decrease in ICU volume.

“We’ve seen a plateau that we are incredibly grateful for,” he added.

AdventHealth’s Dr. Scott Brady, senior vice president of ambulatory systems, also said they have “seen the flattening in the last week.” – READ MORE

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