If Celebs Cared About Their Causes, the Oscars Wouldn’t Cost $44 Million


Hollywood honors itself every year at the Academy Awards. Lately, however, this is not an industry worthy of praise.

This year’s Oscars production cost a whopping $44 million to put together, according to a Forbes report. With celebrities virtue-signaling and using the event to amplify their leftist agendas, perhaps this money could be put to better use going to some of the causes these celebs actually preach about on a regular basis.

Think about it: These people spend tens of millions of dollars to put together this show every year. Why not just donate that money to a charity or a cause they want to tout — or help stop the sexual assault these performers say they care so much about preventing? Remember, this is the same group of stars who have supported such sexual predators as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Roman Polanski in the past — and for years.

All they seem to care about is feeding their egos. That’s certainly how their actions come across to the rest of America. These actors can say all they want on their live television awards show — but Hollywood’s toxic culture needs a huge makeover. – READ MORE

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