Celebrity activist claims ‘the only safe place in America is airports’ because ‘they don’t allow guns’

Actor and climate change activist Mark Ruffalo reacted to two recent horrific mass murders in the U.S. via Twitter on Sunday, declaring “the only safe place in America is airports” because “they don’t allow guns.”

Ruffalo wrote, “America is a country that prides itself on freedom, but we can’t leave our homes without the thought of possibly being gunned down. Where can anyone go in large groups anymore without fear?”

“You can’t go to: Walmart, concerts, the movies, schools, public houses, churches, synagogues, mosques, grocery stores, post offices, food festivals, nightclubs, nursing homes,” the actor continued. “It seems the only safe place in America is airports and that’s because they don’t allow guns in there.”

Several Twitter followers noted that many of the places Ruffalo named as prone to attacks are, indeed, also gun-free zones. Others pointed out that shootings have also occurred at airports. – READ MORE

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