CBS Allows Host Who Called for Abolishing Second Amendment to Hammer NRA


Apparently, CBS’s idea of fairness is to allow a journalist who is on record calling for the destruction of the Second Amendment to moderate a segment on guns.  On Thursday’s This Morning, Alex Wagner grilled moderate Republican Senator Jeff Flake on what it will take to “break the spell” of the National Rifle Association.

She lectured the man who often opposes his own party: “Senator, the President also said the NRA has ‘great power over you people.’ You were endorsed by the NRA in 2012. You accepted campaign donations from them.”

Wagner whined, “What is it going take to break the spell between certain members of Congress and the National Rifle Association?” After Flake made it clear he would support gun control, the journalist reiterated, “That could break the spell?”

Wagner is on record as holding an extremist position when it comes to the Second Amendment. On November 4, 2011, the then-MSNBC journalist appeared on HBO’s Real Time and proclaimed:

I think get rid of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. I just think in the grand scheme of the rights that we have; the right of assembly, free speech, I mean, owning a gun does not, it does not tally on the same level as those other Constitutional rights.  – READ MORE

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