Cautious Optimism as California Coronavirus Cases Drop


California Governor Gavin Newsom sounded an optimistic note Monday as he noted that coronavirus cases in the state have begun to fall again, after a spike that followed the George Floyd protests and early efforts at reopening the economy.

The Associated Press reported: The average weekly number of positive tests is down by a fifth, to 7,764 from its peak of nearly 9,900 a week ago. The seven-day rate of tests coming back positive statewide had peaked at nearly 8% late last month but has fallen to 6.1%, he said, though the rate remains much higher in some hard-hit counties.

“It’s not where it needs to be, it is still too high, but again it is good to see this number trending down, not trending up,” he said.

Hospitalizations, which had recently ballooned by 50%, have also fallen over the last 14 days, Newsom said in his most upbeat briefing since the resurgence. The number of people in intensive care units because of coronavirus has also declined slightly.

Newsom credited a renewed lockdown on businesses, as well as increased public attention to social distancing practices and wearing masks. – READ MORE

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