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Cat In The Racist Hat? Time Promotes Scholar of ‘Hidden Racism’ In Beloved Children’s Books


Forget all your favorite children’s books. They may be deeply racist. In the August 7 edition of Time magazine came an article headlined “The hidden (and not-so-hidden) racism in kids’ lit.” Sarah Begley reported:

In his new how dozens of beloved picture and chapter books leave negative messages in children’s minds.

Next to images of these classics of kiddie lit are this socialist professor’s hot take on how deeply racist each title was:

THE CAT IN THE HAT: Dr. Seuss was a complicated figure – many of his books promoted tolerance, like Horton Hears a Who! Others descended to racial stereotyping, like characters “who wear their eyes in a slant” in If I Ran The Zoo. His famous Cat in the Hat took partial inspiration from minstrelsy. (Take a closer look at the white globes and the extravagant top hat)



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