Carson: Left’s ‘Propaganda’ on Housing Reforms Is ‘Garbage,’ People Won’t Be ‘Thrown Out’


Housing And Urban Development (Hud) Secretary Dr. Ben Carson Responded To Critics Of His Agency’s New Housing Aid Reform, Calling Out The Left’s Failure To Recognize The “perverse Incentives” Of Welfare Policies That “keep [people] In A Very Dependent Situation,” During An Interview On Breitbart News Daily.

“The way the program is set up now, it is unsustainable,” Carson explained to Breitbart News Deputy Political Editor Amanda House. “Each year, we are contributing more and more money to supporting the same number of people. We have stagnation. People are not moving up the ladder and becoming self-sufficient.”

The left has said people are going to be thrown out onto the streets and all this garbage. That’s not true at all. We’ve taken that into consideration and we also have hardship exemptions. So to say we’re not thinking about people, that we’re not compassionate, that’s just propaganda.

Self-sufficiency is not a new concept. Its been talked about for a long time. But in the past, once a person starts climbing that ladder of self-sufficiency we tend to yank their support. Well, everybody else is looking at that and they’re saying “I’m not climbing that ladder.” And that’s one of the things that leads to the stagnation. So we have to take all these things into consideration when formulating policies.

We know we’re going to get criticism because people don’t like to change and there also is a poverty industry in our country — they’re not happy about what we’re doing either. But, you know, we have to do what needs to be done because we have to begin to think about the future. And we have to think about our individuals who are not being cultivated.READ MORE

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