‘Captain Marvel’ Star Brie Larson Tackles Sound Guys Putting On Actresses’ Mics


“Captain Marvel” star and hardcore feminist Brie Larson has been a leader in Hollywood talks concerning the anti-sexual harassment and sexism campaign known as “Time’s Up,” which piggybacked off the #MeToo movement. Since fall 2017, Larson has led discussions about sound guys putting on actors’ mics in the context of the movement and said she now mics herself up and advises all other actress to do the same.

“In the fall of 2017, in the weeks after the first Harvey Weinstein stories broke, Larson and her female acting peers began texting one another and having conversations about workplace concerns, from issues like pay equity to how to deal with the discomfort of a sound man reaching inside your bra to pin a microphone,” reported The Hollywood Reporter in a glowing February interview.

“When it comes to pay, Larson seems to be doing OK — she’ll make $5 million for playing Captain Marvel in this film as part of a deal that bests what Robert Downey Jr. made for his first outing as Iron Man ($500,000) and Chadwick Boseman for his first as Black Panther ($2 million),” the piece continues. “As for the microphone issue, she says she now mics herself in her trailer and advises her female friends on sets to do the same.”

Larson has continuously showed off her feminist bonafides. For example, the actress rebuked “white dudes” critiquing her and other feminists’ work and once shamed a male TSA agent on her massive social media platform for asking her for her phone number.  – READ MORE

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