Can’t Make It Up: Ilhan Omar Says TSA Workers Should Be Paid, Then Moves to Defund Them Entirely


While there have long been politicians on both sides of the aisle who have said dumb or disingenuous things, there is a new Democratic member of Congress who seems intent on claiming the title for being the absolute worst in that regard.

That member of Congress would be Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, and when she isn’t tweeting anti-Semitic jabs at Jewish people or the nation of Israel, she is launching poorly thought out attacks on President Donald Trump and his administration.

The latest example of such came on Feb. 8, when within the space of one hour Omar used Twitter to decry the fact that some Transportation Security Administration employees had yet to receive their back pay from the partial government shutdown, then proceeded to suggest the entire governmental department within which the TSA is contained be defunded … you know, in order to spite Trump.

The glaring disparity in those two tweets did not go unnoticed, and Fox News early morning host Rob Schmitt combined the two tweets into one to highlight the contradictory comments.


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