Cannabis for Christmas: Pot Dispensaries Report Record-High Holiday Sales


California Marijuana Dispensaries Reported Record-high Holiday Sales This Christmas As Pot Products Became Popular Stocking Stuffers This Holiday Season.

Pot sales in the state soared in the first holiday season where recreational marijuana is legal in California, as many stores reported seeing five times the amount of customers they normally see.

One Sacramento-area store, All About Wellness, reported seeing more than 150 customers per day during the 2018 holiday shopping season. On average, the store sees 20 to 25 customers per day.

The increase in pot-hungry customers has also led to lines going out the door at stores.

Kysa Butler, who works as the general manager the Magnolia marijuana shop in Oakland, told KTVU on Monday that her store has received a steady flow of people with lines to get into her store.

“From the moment we were open at 9 o’clock we had a line,” she said. “We’ve been knocking the lines out quickly but they’ve been steady, too.” – READ MORE

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