Cannabis Expert Thinks 35 States Will Legalize Weed By 2020


The marijuana movement is picking up steam, Krista Whitley, CEO of Nevada-based cannabis company “Altitude Products,” believes and predicts that 35 states will have legal marijuana by the year 2020.

“I would hope by 2020 we would have at least 35 thriving regulated cannabis states,” she told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “I am inspired by states like Tennessee and the movements that are happening in traditionally red conservative states, that are seeking out common sense regulated cannabis programs.”

“Altitude Products” provides customers in the state of Nevada with marijuana based products from various brands for medical and recreational use. Nevada legalized recreational marijuana by ballot initiative in 2016.

“I had not used cannabis until I was 30,” Whitley told TheDCNF in an interview. “I was in a car accident and I was prescribed a bunch of opioids. I felt miserable. I’ve never felt more stoned than when I was on muscle relaxants and pain killers.” A friend recommended she try marijuana as an alternative and she hasn’t looked back since.


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