Candace Owens Tells Planned Parenthood Murdering Black Babies Is Not ‘Healthcare’


Conservative Firebrand Candace Owens Is Calling Out Planned Parenthood For Its Attacks On The Black Population In Disguising Abortion As “healthcare.”

On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood once again tweeted its mantra that abortion is health care, linking to an article by Self magazine calling legislation on abortion “reproductive coercion.”

Owens shot back two of her own tweets, first a sarcastic quip, “You spelled murder wrong,” followed by a news flash: “This just in: murdering 800 black babies every single day is now considered ‘heathcare’”:

Owens, the communications director for Turning Point USA, hit an especially vulnerable chink in Planned Parenthood’s armor: its history of targeting the black community for extermination. – READ MORE

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