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Canadian company captures rare images of North Korea using International Space Station camera


A Vancouver-based tech company has provided eerily detailed images of North Korea’s capital, using cameras bolted to the side of the International Space Station.

Video clips released by UrtheCast show the movement of traffic in Pyongyang and even a group of unsuspecting North Koreans walking through the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, where the bodies of former North Korean dictators are on display.

“The world doesn’t get many peeks behind North Korea’s walls, nor at its capital city, Pyongyang,” wrote UrtheCast in a blog post. “Of course, it’s far easier to catch a glimpse from space.”

Pyongyang is the political and economic showpiece of North Korea, and thanks to its privileged position in the hierarchy for resources it has been spared much of the famine and deprivation that has struck the country’s rural areas since the 1990s. – READ MORE

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