Canada’s Trudeau Changes Tune, Tells Salvadorans: Don’t Come Here!


When President Trump issued a travel ban on citizens from seven Muslim terrorist hotbeds shortly after taking office, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was incensed.

“To those fleeing persecution, terror and war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength,” Trudeau wrote on January 28, 2017.

But in 2018, the young prime minister is singing a different tune.

The Canadian government, worried that Salvadorans will flood across the border into Canada to avoid deportation, is now trying to discourage them from crossing into the country — as thousands of Haitians did last year after they were threatened with the loss of similar protection.

“The government announced that it was planning to send Pablo Rodriguez, a Spanish-speaking member of Parliament, to California in the coming days to speak to community groups, lawyers and Spanish-language media,” the Miami Herald reported. “His message is simple: If you don’t qualify for refugee or asylum status, don’t try to cross into Canada.” – READ MORE

Despite the increasing likelihood of a renegotiated NAFTA collapsing, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remains positive about his relationship with President Donald Trump.

In a Christmas interview with CTV News, Trudeau said he remains positive about working with Trump because the president was elected “to make America great again.”

Trudeau admitted that he’s found Trump to be difficult: “Donald Trump has demonstrated that he’s a bit of a disruptive force. He does unpredictable things. He’s a deal-maker. He’s a negotiator.”

But the prime minister noted that he looks beyond the surface and finds common ground with his U.S. counterpart. “The thing that reassures me fundamentally is he got elected on a commitment to help people, to make America great again.” – READ MORE

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