Cameras outside Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell sent to FBI crime lab for analysis


Authorities have sent two cameras that malfunctioned outside of Jeffrey Epstein‘s Manhattan jail cell — where he supposedly hanged himself — to an FBI crime lab for examination, according to law enforcement sources.

The cameras were positioned within view of the accused sex trafficker’s cell, but the footage that they captured was said to be unusable. People familiar with Epstein’s suicide investigation told the Washington Post it was unclear what caused them to malfunction.

Epstein was found unconscious inside his cell on Aug. 10. The medical examiner ruled the convicted pedophile’s death a suicide by hanging — a claim that his lawyers have questioned.

Sources told The Post on Wednesday that the two cameras outside Epstein’s cell were sent to the FBI’s major crime lab in Quantico, Virginia, to be analyzed by agents.

Investigators want to determine whether the recording flaws affect just a small portion of the jail equipment or if it’s a persistent problem at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, where Epstein had been housed since his July 6 arrest. – READ MORE

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