Calvin Klein Forced To Apologize For Commercial Featuring Model Kissing A Robot, But The Reason Why May Surprise You


The 30-second ad, released Friday, actually stars the robot — “19 year-old digital robot Lil Miquela,” to be specific (according to Elle Magazine). The ad shows both Hadid and Miquela dressed in Calvin Klein, staring at each other and then moving into a passionate kiss. Hadid’s voice can be heard over the spot saying, “Life is about opening doors, creating new dreams that you never knew could exist” — presumably referring to the new “door” of making out with mechanical humanoids.

The video, Calvin Klein says in an accompanying statement, is titled, “Bella Hadid and Lil Miquela Get Surreal,” adding that the video is about trying to discern between what’s real and what’s imagined: “19-year-old robot Lil Miquela blurs the lines of truth and fiction with Bella Hadid. Is this a dream or real?”

Miquela has designs on being the first robot fashion model (or, more specifically, the first robotic Victoria’s Secret angel), has an album, and is an aggressive advocate for LGBT rights, at least according to her Twitter feed.

But while the concept of making out with humanoid robots might not sit well with some, it really ran afoul of social justice warriors who accused Calvin Klein of first farming out a job that a living, breathing LGBT human could do to a robot, and then for “queerbaiting” — deliberately and cynically using the cause of LGBT rights to attract viewers and sell products without fully dedicating itself to the LGBT cause. – READ MORE

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