California Set To Seal Convicts’ Rap Sheets To Keep Potential Employers, Landlords In The Dark


A new bill in California would seal the rap sheets of convicts in the state after they have completed their prison time, thus intentionally keeping potential employers and landlords in the dark about past legal troubles. The legislation targets those who have committed misdemeanors and even some felonies.

In California, certain convicts already have an option to petition for their rap sheets to be sealed from the public, but AB 1076 would automatically and retroactively seal the records of convicts who qualify for the relief.

“This bill would, commencing January 1, 2021, require the Department of Justice, on a weekly basis, to review the records in the state summary criminal history information database and to identify persons who are eligible for relief by having their arrest records, or their criminal conviction records, withheld from disclosure,” reads the bill currently making its way through the California Legislature.

The legislation states that law enforcement agencies would still have access to the full rap sheets. – MORE

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