California may ‘become a red state’ because of failed coronavirus leadership, Navarro tells Hannity


California — the nation’s most populous state — is making a mistake by not following the lead of other states like Georgia and Florida that are working to reopen their economies from coronavirus shutdowns, Peter Navarro said Thursday night.

The White House trade adviser shared his views during an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

Host Sean Hannity noted that both Georgia and Florida have seen drops in new cases of coronavirus in recent weeks and have been looking to get businesses operating again – in contrast to California.

“Now they’re talking about never opening Los Angeles until there’s a cure?” Hannity said. “Well, if they want to do that, I guess then they’re going to have to bear the brunt of the cost of that but can’t we learn from the states that did well than from the states that flopped and fell on their face?”

Navarro, 70, a native of Massachusetts who lives in California, agreed with Hannity’s view.

“California is my home state,” Navarro said. “I think it’s going to become a red state with that kind of leadership. The reality is that if we don’t open this economy back up we’re not going to have an economy.” – READ MORE

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