California governor blames Trump, GOP for recent shooting in profanity-laced rant


California Gov. Gavin Newsom pointed the finger at President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers after a tragic shooting in Gilroy, California, took the lives of three people over the weekend, according to the Sacramento Bee.

“You have a right to bear arms but not weapons of goddamned mass destruction,” Newsom said. “You need these damn things for hunting? Give me a break.”

Newsom blamed the tragedy on a “culture of gun violence” he said is perpetuated by Trump and the Republican Party.

“It’s just sickening… the leadership today that just turns a blind eye and won’t do a damn thing to address these issues,” Newsom told reporters. “What’s goddamned absent in this country right now is moral authority.”

Newsom also accused the White House of hindering California’s efforts to establish stricter gun laws. The gun used in the Sunday shooting was legally purchased in Nevada, and was described by police as an “assault-type rifle.” – READ MORE

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