California Cities Want Amsterdam-Style Pot Lounges


Now that California has legalized marijuana for recreational use, the potheads now want Amsterdam-style pot lounges in several cities, stretching the new law to its limits.

According to the L.A. Times, the city of West Hollywood, long known for pushing the social boundaries, is looking to allow marijuana lounges as seen in Amsterdam.

“The city is poised to allow cannabis lounges where people can consume the once-taboo product in a social setting,” reports the Times. “West Hollywood will join San Francisco, Oakland and South Lake Tahoe, which earlier this year became some of the first cities in California to open the consumption lounges modeled after those in Amsterdam. Communities in the Coachella Valley are also joining the ranks.”

Not all of California’s cities have embraced the legalization of pot. Some have actively fought against the setting up of pot dispensaries. Either way, the potheads have won and now they’re finishing the job by pushing red light districts where anything goes. The City of Los Angeles has, however, provided some pushback to the creation of pot dispensaries, worried that could create difficulties with assessing a marijuana DUI. The potheads say the lounges will only help the city by increasing tourism. – READ MORE

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