California churches hold beach services, worship indoors in defiance of state ban


Thousands of Christians across California continue to sing and hold worship services in defiance of Gov. Gavin Newsom‘s coronavirus lockdown guidelines.

On Sunday, more than 5,000 showed up on the beach in San Diego for a “Let Us Worship” event put on by worship leader Sean Feucht and his nonprofit, Hold the Line, where he baptized his own son, Ezra.

“It’s just the most raw, organic, gritty gospel,” Feucht told Fox News. “It’s been very eclectic, very diverse in terms of people praying and singing. People got healed, saved, and delivered.”

Feucht has been traveling to cities across California leading “Let Us Worship” protests with local pastors and leaders after Newsom announced he was banning singing in churches at the beginning of July and has put further restrictions on indoor venues as the state has moved to No. 1 in terms of coronavirus cases.

Hundreds showed up Saturday to the Fresno City Hall, where they worshipped and prayed, along with baptisms in the City Hall fountain. – READ MORE

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