California Bill Wants To Drop Washington/Lincoln’s Birthday And Replace It With Communist Holiday (VIDEO)



The bill, AB-3042, was sponsored by Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, a Sacramento Democrat.

According to a legislative analysis, the bill would change California law, which now requires schools to close for two days in February — once in honor of George Washington, once for Abraham Lincoln — to combine the days for only one holiday in February.

The freed up day would be made available for schools to close on May 1, in honor of “International Workers’ Day.”

Dropping a day to honor Washington or Lincoln in exchange for honoring international socialism might sound crazy to most people, but “crazy” is apparently defined differently in California. The bill has passed the Democrat-dominated assembly’s education and appropriations committees to make it to the assembly floor.

The bill was read three times on Thursday and rejected each time, but Santiago has filed a motion to have it reconsidered, according to The Daily Caller. That means it still has a chance — and in California, “crazy” always has a chance. READ MORE

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