California AG Mysteriously Absent From Google Probe


California attorney general Xavier Becerra is one of just two state attorneys general to not participate in a massive antitrust investigation against Google.

On Monday, a coalition of attorneys general from 48 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia announced a massive, wide-reaching antitrust investigation into Google. The initial object of the investigation will be the firm’s advertising practices, with the combined resources of the group aimed at determining whether the search giant engages in anticompetitive business practices.

Only two states are absent from the investigation: Alabama and California, the state Google calls home.

Becerra has a history of aggressive antitrust investigations and enforcement. He loudly touted a $69 million settlement with a pharmaceutical firm over antitrust allegations, and is co-lead on cases targeting T-Mobile and Sprint and the northern California hospital system Sutter Health. In October, Becerra said that California’s antitrust regime must be “forward-thinking” to cope with the digital revolution. – READ MORE

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