CAIR says ‘Aladdin’ film will worsen Islamophobia and racism because it’s being released under President Trump


The Muslim advocacy group CAIR says that releasing the “Aladdin” film during the presidency of President Donald Trump will worsen racism and Islamophobia, and they want critics to say so.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations says that the story that Aladdin is based on is racist and bigoted.

“The Aladdin myth is rooted by racism, Orientalism and Islamophobia,” read the statement from CAIR.

“To release it during the Trump era of rapidly rising anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and racist animus only serves to normalize stereotyping and to marginalize minority communities,” it continued.

The live-action movie is based on the Disney hit animated movie released in 1992 with the late Robin Williams voicing the iconic “genie” character. – READ MORE

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