Caddell: ‘Murdoch Sons’ ‘Need to Answer’ for Fox News Calling House for Dems While California Was Still Voting


Democrat Pollster Pat Caddell Told Breitbart News On Monday That Fox News “needs To Answer” For Prematurely Declaring November 6th’s Midterm Elections’ Results While Citizens Were Still Voting In California And Other West Coast States. He Spoke With Breitbart News Senior Editors-at-large Rebecca Mansour And Joel Pollak On Siriusxm’s Breitbart News Tonight.

Caddell, a former contributor to Fox News Channel, said, “Fox News, the supposed voice for conservative Republicans, announced that Democrats won the House before the actual evidence was in hand and while people in California and other states were still voting.”

Mansour replied, “I believe that really had an effect. This was early in the day. People were just getting out of work when Fox called the House for the Democrats. In Orange County, we lost it.”

Caddell noted, “Look how many races in California were lost by a hair. Even with that crazy mail-in system that always keeps voting and voting and voting, which is another thing, but how many seats were so close that lost? What I don’t understand is this would never have happened with Roger Ailes running Fox. They pledged, all of them including Fox, not to call elections while people were still voting; the national outcome.” – READ MORE

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