BuzzFeed Identifies Twitter’s Problem: Too Many White Males


Its stock price is tanking, its user growth is stagnating, it’s at war with conservative media, and it can’t even control its own earnings report. Yet BuzzFeed believes it has found the cause of Twitter’s problems — too much free speech, and too many white males.

In a long-form piece on their website, BuzzFeed reporter Charlie Warzel writes that Twitter’s biggest problem is its commitment to free speech, which interferes with efforts to combat so-called “abusers.”

Fenced in by an abiding commitment to free speech above all else and a unique product that makes moderation difficult and trolling almost effortless, Twitter has, over a chaotic first decade marked by shifting business priorities and institutional confusion, allowed abuse and harassment to continue to grow as a chronic problem and perpetual secondary internal priority. On Twitter, abuse is not just a bug, but — to use the Silicon Valley term of art — a fundamental feature. – READ MORE

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