BuzzFeed Brutally Battered After Running Sick Hit Piece on Christian TV Hosts


BuzzFeed was in seriously hot water after deciding to publish a hit piece on two Christian HGTV hosts. They thought running this piece would feed the liberal agenda, but quickly found out that Americans across the political spectrum were extremely angered instead.

BuzzFeed’s article was headlined “Chip And Joanna Gaines’ Church Is Firmly Against Same-Sex Marriage,” and has since been updated due to the backlash the site received for the way the original post sought to defame the character of the couple who host “Fixer Upper” on HGTV. BuzzFeed never got confirmation that the couple themselves were anti-same-sex marriage, but ran the piece anyway.

As The Right Scoop reported, the company has since been trying to do serious damage control. Ben Smith, the editor of BuzzFeed, has been trying desperately to re-frame the story to make it sound as if it were not really anti-Christian, though it clearly was. – READ MORE

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