Buzzfeed Article Unintentionally Reveals How Rare Friendly Fire Gun Deaths Are


In response to a BuzzFeed article on Friday, a senior writer for the National Review had a few choice words for the “long, heartbreaking story” aimed at highlighting the statistics of friendly fire.

David French, who is also a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, argued that the story from Buzzfeed contained an important, more encouraging, fact: the small number of friendly fire reports.

According to French, having only 47 friendly fire incidents since 2015 seems to be a small saving grace with so many people handling such dangerous weapons.

“While there are doubtless more incidents than that in a nation this big, still it is important to note how small that number is next to the hundreds of thousands of defensive uses of firearms annually,” French said.

“It’s even a small number compared to the annual amount of justifiable homicides, with the article pegs at around 290 per year,” he added. – READ MORE

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