BUSTED: Open Borders Hero Jorge Ramos Lives in Exclusive $6 Million Island Home Surrounded by Water, Fences, Huge Wall

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By day, Jorge Ramos is Univision’s hard-charging illegal immigration advocate who detests the idea of President Donald Trump’s border wall while he poses as a news reporter. By night, Ramos retires to his exclusive Island home in Miami where he is surrounded by multiple bodies of water, wrought-iron fences and a 20-foot wall of concrete and shrubbery that guard his $6 million mansion.

The massive hedge wall in front of the Ramos estate almost eclipses the entire frontage of the structure.

The man who champions the impoverished immigrant and open borders lives in wealth-ridden seclusion, just steps from an exclusive Miami yacht club which he can boat to from his private back yard dock which abuts his swimming pool. And just to rub it in to Mexicans who sit on top of moving trains cars to trek to the United States, Ramos’ mansion is on a cul-de-sac on the exclusive island.

As we suspected, Ramos is another celebrity who lives by the credo: Do as I say, not as I do.

By the way, Ramos is worth somewhere between $25 million and $275 million USD, depending on which ex wife you ask.

That’s a lot of pesos.

Behold utter poverty:

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