BUSTED: Newsweek Pre-Prints Special Hillary “Madam President” Edition; No Mock Edition Printed for Trump Win?


UPDATE: Newsweek brass now admit this edition is REAL. In a twist, however, Newsweek released late today a mock up cover of Trump on the front cover, although it contained typos, cover text where the mailing label would go, no bar code, and other inconsistencies of a printed and ready-to-ship magazine. Also, unlike the Hillary edition, no inside pages and no physical copy of the magazine was shown of the Trump mock up. It was if Newsweek rushed to cover their partisan behinds after True Pundit and others published stories about the Hillary cover.

Our Original story from early this morning is below. Of course After we published, the conservative media jumped in a rewrote our piece. The price of leadership …

If looking at this Newsweek cover doesn’t scare you in to voting for Donald Trump, then nothing will.

Newsweak Newsweek — barely even a magazine — never gets much right, so no reason to panic, but even more reason to get out and vote.

Reportedly this is a real issue that has been printed and shipped to grocery stores and newsstands for release this week depicting Hillary Clinton as the election winner. We do not know if it is real or not.

If it is real, why hasn’t Newsweek prepared a parallel Trump cover?  Because, as we all know, this election is rigged and the mainstream media, which may not even include Newsweak, picked sides long ago.

If this is fake, then it certainly did not psych out Trump supporters if that was the intent. In fact, it will likely have an opposite effect; prompting them to make sure they vote to defeat Clinton.

Spending money on expensive press runs that may turn out to be a complete waste of money does sounds like Newsweek’s style. The magazine has a history of poor and shoddy management and disastrous financials. Perhaps that is why the magazine is aligned with Clinton as a candidate.


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