BUSTED: Bill Kristol Linked to Fusion GPS Hiring by Free Beacon; Never Trump GOPers Paid For Dirt on Trump


Never-Trump Loudmouth Bill Kristol is among high profile GOP elite linked to the the Washington Free Beacon’s hiring of Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

Lawyers for the Free Beacon disclosed Friday to the House Intelligence Committee of its role in commissioning the embattled Fusion GPS research firm to dig up dirt on Trump.

Free Beacon commissioned the project through spring 2016. The editor of the paper, Matthew Continetti apologized Friday for the news group’s hiring of Fusion GPS.

Continetti is the journalistic protege of Kristol, having worked for him as a reporter in Washington D.C.

Kristol helped broker a book deal for Continetti as well.

And Continetti is married to Kristol’s daughter.

Translated: Bill Kristol is the father-in-law of Continetti who cut the deal to hire Fusion GPS to discredit Trump.

Kristol also served on the board of non-profit corporation which founded the Free Beacon, the Center For American Freedom at the time the news company was created.

Kristol, who spends most of his days firing off anger-laden anti-Trump Tweets, could not be reached for comment.

Today, the Free Beacon is no longer under the Kristol-linked non profit.

Per Breitbart:

The Free Beacon is funded in large part by the New York hedge fund billionaire and major GOP donor Paul Singer. The New York Times reports that Singer initially supported Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) for the Republican nomination, but later spearheaded a campaign to deny Trump the nomination even after Rubio dropped out of the race.

While supporting Republican establishment favorites such as Rubio and 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Singer was a major backer of Common Core and was the founderof a super-PAC that has the express purpose of turning the GOP pro-gay marriage.



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