Business Owners Hit Hard by New Year’s Minimum Wage Increases


Some Small Companies Have Found They’re ‘going To Have To Make Significant Changes Because’ Of These Hikes, Lifezette Learned In New Interviews

Business owners from across the country were hit with dozens of minimum wage increases at the start of the 2019 — and some businesses already have been forced to close.

The Employment Policies Institute (EPI) released a report in the week leading up to the New Year that warned about the incoming wage hikes.

The conservative research nonprofit argued that such policies could have a severely negative impact on businesses.

In the short time since that report, a growing group of businesses have signaled their problems.

“We found probably over a dozen businesses so far who have already stated that they’re going to have to make significant changes because of these minimum wage hikes,” EPI communications director Samantha Summers told LifeZette this week.

“It seems widespread across the country, too. It’s not just in states with really high minimum wages.”- READ MORE

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