British Isis fighter claims he was ‘playing PlayStation and going on bike rides’ in Raqqa


Shabazz Suleman admits he had kalashnikov and wore military uniform but ‘hopes he did not oppress anyone’

A British jihadi who admitted having joined Isis in Syria and carrying a kalashnikov claimed he did not kill anyone but “played PlayStation and went for bike rides’ while in Raqqa.

Shabazz Suleman, a former grammar school student from High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, was captured by the Free Syrian Army on the Turkish border trying to flee Isis about two weeks ago.

The 22 year-old recognised he had been “naive” when he decided to join the terror group three years ago when he crossed into Syria while on a holiday in Turkey. But he denied being a criminal or a terrorist.

He claimed that while the battle was raging in Raqqa, he was “just relaxing, hiding in Raqqa” with Syrian civilians “playing PlayStation or going around on bike rides” and leading “a normal life but just in Isis territory”.

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