Britain Bans Ads Containing ‘Harmful Gender Stereotypes’


The Agence France-Presse reported that a ban took effect Friday that keeps “harmful gender stereotypes” out of ads, including scenes depicting a woman who can’t park or a man who can’t change a diaper. Other potentially “harmful” stereotypes, such as women cleaning or men fixing things around the home, will remain, the Presse reported.

“Our evidence shows how harmful gender stereotypes in ads can contribute to inequality in society, with costs for all of us,” said Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) chief executive Guy Parker in a statement. “Put simply, we found that some portrayals in ads can, over time, play a part in limiting people’s potential.”

“It’s in the interests of women and men, our economy and society that advertisers steer clear of these outdated portrayals, and we’re pleased with how the industry has already begun to respond,” Parker added.

ASA, the U.K’s regulator of advertising, identified a 2017 ad for Aptamil baby milk formula as “problematic” because it depicted a little girl growing up to be a ballerina and little boys growing up to be engineers and mountain climbers, according to the Presse. – READ MORE

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