‘Bringing Home The Bacon’ Is Now Offensive. Guess Who It Offends.


According to the Independent, phrases like “bringing home the bacon” and “putting all your eggs in one basket” aren’t merely “harmless quirks of the English language,” but actually phrases that “could be offending vegans and vegetarians.”

The poor, malnourished souls.

The Independent article is based off another article from a researcher who wrote in the Conversation that meat is not just a “form of sustenance,” but “a source of societal power.” Throughout history, Shareena Z. Hamzah wrote, meat was something only the wealthy could afford, while peasants had to subsist on a “mostly vegetarian diet.”

After some literary references, Hamzah then lists all the bad things meat has wrought: Climate change, “environmental degradation,” studies noting some “negative effects of meat-eating on the human body,” and concerns about animal welfare.- READ MORE

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