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Brexit Comes Off the Rails as High Court Blocks British Government


“Remainers”—the campaigners opposed to Britain leaving the European Union—were jubilant Thursday after the nation’s High Court ruled that the process of exiting the bloc cannot begin without the government winning a further vote in parliament.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s government immediately said it would appeal the decision. May had argued that the summer’s referendum, in which the British electorate decided by a margin of 52-48 to leave the EU, negated the need for a further vote in Britain’s House of Commons, and that the now-notorious Article 50, a clause in the EU treaty that begins a two-year exit process, could be triggered without parliamentary approval.

However, in what could prove to be a pivotal decision Thursday, and one which could plunge the U.K. into an unprecedented constitutional crisis, the High Court found that the government cannot simply invoke Article 50 without a further vote in the parliamentary chamber. – READ MORE

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