Roger Stone invokes Fifth Amendment right to reject Senate subpoena


Roger Stone, the longtime friend and former aide of President Donald Trump, invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege to reject providing documents and testimony under a subpoena from a U.S. Senate committee.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) revealed Stone’s stonewalling in a tweet Tuesday that contained the letter from Stone’s attorney, Grant Smith.

“Roger Stone’s attorney sent a letter this week stating Stone won’t provide documents or appear for an interview before the committee,” Feinstein tweeted.

“On the advice of counsel, Mr. Stone will not produce the documents requested by you in your capacity as Ranking Minority Member of the Judiciary Committee,” the letter read.

“The requests, as previously stated to staff,” the letter continued, “are far too overbroad, far too overreaching, far too wide ranging both in their all-embracing list of persons to whom the request could relate with whom Mr. Stone has communicated over the past three years, and the ‘documents concerning’ imprecision of the requests.”- READ MORE

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