Border Patrol union leader: Trump is right, Congress is wrong – National emergency on border is real


President Trump was right Friday to veto an attempt by Senate and House Democrats to prevent him from using his national emergency powers at the border.

Twelve Senate Republicans – claiming Trump overreached his constitutional authority – joined the Democrats to pass a resolution overturning Trump’s authority. They’re wrong.

Consider that from Jan. 20, 2009 until Jan. 5, 2011 the Democrats controlled the White House, the Senate and the House with nearly a supermajority, including two independents who caucused with the Democrats.


But despite this power, President Obama and the Democrats refused to tackle immigration reform – an issue they claimed to care deeply about. In fact, the only major piece of controversial legislation they tackled during this time was health care reform – the hallmark of President Obama’s first campaign.

Why? Because of politics.

President Obama and the Democrats were too worried about re-election. They knew a majority of Americans were against immigration reform without securing the border first, so they punted.

To deny there is no current crisis on the southwest border is like denying water is wet. The number of illegal border crossers, the amount of drugs and the number of deaths in the United States from those drugs are all a testament to our current crisis.

Instead of doing what they claimed to be right, they did what they thought was politically expedient. – READ MORE

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