Border Patrol Projects They’ll Have to Increase Spending Four Times to House Influx of Migrant Families


From diapers to meals, the cost of housing the massive influx of migrant familiesat the southern border is starting to skyrocket according to recent projections by the United States Border Patrol.

According to a report from the Washington Examiner, Border Patrol expects to pay four times as much to house the migrant families from South America as they did the year before.

In years prior, most migrants at the southern border were single men from Mexico, meaning their cases could be processed rapidly and they could be easily returned to their home country if they did not meet the standards for entry into the U.S.

Lately, however, the migrants have been predominately family units from Central America. It takes much longer to process families and it is much more difficult to return a family to their home country when it doesn’t directly border the US – READ MORE

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