BOOM: Ohio Legislature Overrides DeWine’s Veto of Law Curtailing His Dictatorial COVID-19 Powers


It took more than a year, but the Ohio legislature finally managed to clip Gov. Mike DeWine’s wings when it comes to his overreaching COVID-19 mandates. Ohioans are still suffering through DeWine’s draconian diktats, including an ongoing mask mandate, social-distancing rules, and crippling indoor dining regulations. One day after DeWine vetoed Senate Bill 22, the Senate voted 23-10 to override his veto. A short time later, the House voted 62-35 to do the same—the first time the legislature has overridden DeWine since he took office in 2019.

S.B. 22, which doesn’t take effect for 90 days, grants the legislature the authority to cancel emergency health orders with the adoption of a concurrent resolution. While aimed at Gov. DeWine, the new law changes the rules for orders emanating from the health department, which DeWine, a Republican, has used to keep the state locked down for more than a year. The new language further states that the health department “shall not reissue that special or standing order or rule or rescinded portion thereof… for a period of 60 days following the adoption of a concurrent resolution striking them down.”

The bill also limits the power of local health officials to force people to self-quarantine without a specific medical diagnosis. It also gives Ohioans the right to challenge the constitutionality of state health orders in a court of law, and to recover legal costs.

In addition, S.B. 22 creates the Ohio health oversight and advisory committee consisting of (1) Three members of the Senate appointed by the president of the Senate, two of whom are members of the majority party and one of whom is a member of the minority party; (2) Three members of the House of Representatives appointed by the speaker of the House of Representatives, two of whom are members of the majority party and one of whom is a member of the minority party, to evaluate health orders. – READ MORE

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